21 statements on the shortest path

Перевод этого

  1. we are expendables of war
  2. the best thing we can do is to die in dignity
  3. the worst thing we can do is to die in dishonor
  4. no other undisputable knowledge exists
  5. decent life is the shortest path to the decent death
  6. lengthening the path is to know not the means
  7. shortening the path means being balked of purpose
  8. demand love, happiness, personal attention or mercy in the face of the purpose is absurd
  9. complaining of pain, fear, humiliation or threat means wasting power
  10. complaining of uncertainty is stupid — the purpose is known
  11. if you remember this in a hard time — the path becomes shorter
  12. if you remember this in a good time — the step becomes solid
  13. gods are laughing at human folly
  14. for everything you need in order to achieve the purpose is impeccable spirit
  15. this is the only thing gods do not laugh at
  16. because all you may get is more than what you need
  17. and the only thing that one may lack is a dead set
  18. before taking any action one should ask whether the move is on the shortest path
  19. each being endowed with death knows an infallible answer
  20. the answer makes enough determination for taking a step and to accept consequences
  21. the decision must be made, and step must be committed

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